A fundamental question

Why Good Shepherd?


Serving God. Loving Neighbours.
Making Faith Work in the Suburbs

It can be hard to get motivated for Church on a Sunday morning. We all have lawns to mow, brunches to attend, and sleep to catch up on. Barrhaven is a busy place, with many demands on our time. So why show up at Good Shepherd?

It’s simple. Good Shepherd helps us find God’s power and guidance in the everyday business of life. Each week, we gather to catch up with friends, to hear a sermon, sing songs, pray and take communion. It’s what Christians do throughout the world, just as our ancestors did. They don’t look much different from anyone else in our neighbourhood, either: a diversity of ages, races and backgrounds. Their children make noise like anyone else’s kids. These are all ordinary things, experienced each week. What makes them special is that through them, we see a bit more clearly where God is at work in our everyday lives.

On Monday morning, when our five-year old refuses to put on her snowpants, we remember what we heard about God’s patience with us. So we find the strength to be patient with her. On Wednesday, when we have to apologize for a mistake at work, we remember that God restores honour to those who have been shamed and humbled. And we find the strength to do the right thing.

At Good Shepherd, we don’t gather because God is waiting for us here. We gather because our church trains us to see that He has been with us all along. We believe that through our music and our teaching, our bible studies and children’s programs, our sermons and our parish suppers, Christ is calling to us. He is inviting us to experience how rich, how full and how beautiful our everyday life can be when we open our eyes to see His presence.