Sunday Services

In a culture of distraction, it's easy to lose sight of what our lives are about. Worship restores our sense of direction by fixing our eyes on our Creator.

Ancient Rhythms. Vibrant Expression.

We gather for Sunday services in the afternoon, starting at 1:30, in the sanctuary of Barrhaven United Church (BUC). We started renting space in BUC in September 2021, after moving out of space in the mall at 3500 Fallowfield. We also rent office space, for our parish administrator and priest, upstairs at 804 Greenbank Rd, above the Barrhaven Chiropractic Centre.

Our services follow the ancient rhythms of the Church. We celebrate weekly Communion (Holy Eucharist), during which readings from the Bible, based on the Revised Common Lectionary, prayer, and song are shared. We are an Anglican Church, a parish in the Diocese of Ottawa, and use Anglican rites, as well as resources from the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Canada. Church services remind us that God is active in our lives everyday. God provides for our daily needs, and encourages our active response. Coming together to worship allows us time for contemplation, mystery and transcendence.

Our music is lively – we are recording and streaming our music group while the number of people who may safely gather is limited. We sing both traditional hymns and modern songs.

Sundays are the Lord’s Day, and we gather as a community to listen to God’s word and to enter together into the celebration of Thanksgiving. We respond to God’s word and reflect through prayer, repentance and the offering of ourselves, that we may be filled with God’s grace and grow daily in our understanding and love of God. We leave the service with God’s blessing to be the church in the world. 


Worship Services

Engaging with our Maker

In-Person Sunday Services

Join us on Sundays at 1:30 PM for socially distanced worship every week in the sanctuary of Barrhaven United Church. Reservations are not needed, but pandemic protocols are still in place. Please keep distanced from others, and keep your mask on.

Online Church Services

Staying Connected Online Throughout the Quarantine. Find Out What Good Shepherd Has to Offer

Sunday Church Services

A blend of modern and traditional offered at 1:30 PM each week