Weddings & Funerals


Weddings are one of the most significant and joyful events in people’s lives, and we are pleased to be part of them. Our church offers services of Christian marriage without charge, where at least one of the persons being married is baptized. Except in extraordinary circumstances, weddings are held in the church, and follow the basic form of service given to us by the Anglican and Lutheran churches. This means that while many parts of the service can be chosen by the couple intending marriage, the words of the vows being exchanged are provided by the church and cannot be changed.

Under normal circumstances, we require that those wishing to be married contact the church at least six months in advance of the desired date. This is necessary to allow time for the required pre-marriage counselling and to ensure the availability of the church. Please contact the church for more details.

Due to the small size of our church building, we have often used the church building of neighbouring Lutheran or Anglican churches to conduct marriage services. This option is available for those who wish to use our services, but for whom the size of the building might pose a problem.


Funerals are scheduled as needed, and Fr. Stephen is always available on short notice. However, it is important that the family discuss details of the funeral with him before making other arrangements, as there are particular guidelines to be followed in our church tradition for the conduct of funerals.

Funeral services are available for church funerals, and for services at funeral homes or gravesite. However, the small size of our church building means that we cannot accommodate funerals in the building when a casket will be present. In such cases, we are happy to lead services at the funeral home or another church locale. Please contact the church for more details.

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