Baptism & Confirmation


Baptism is a blessed event in a person’s life, because it marks his or her adoption into God’s family. We gladly welcome inquiries about baptism, even if you may be new to our church. Once a request is made, you will be asked to meet with Fr. Stephen to discuss baptism and to arrange a date for the event. This sacrament is usually offered four or five times a year. The date is chosen in consultation with the church, and depends on the schedule of the church and the person wishing to be baptized. We conduct baptisms in the presence of the full congregation, usually on Sunday during the morning services. While we practice infant baptism, we also provide baptism for adults who have decided to follow Christ as their Lord and teacher.

To ask about baptism, please contact the Church to set up a meeting. We encourage you to address inquiries about baptism well in advance of the desired time.


Confirmation allows adults and youth (at least 11 years old) to affirm their faith in Jesus Christ, and to be given a special blessing by the bishop. This is a sacrament only offered by the bishop, who visits on a regular basis. This means that confirmations are scheduled infrequently, usually on alternating years.

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