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Online Church Services

Hope in a Time of Fear
Connection in a Time of Isolation
Nourishment in a Time of Impoverishment

Our City of Ottawa is officially in a state of emergency. This severely limits our ability to maintain the connections which make our church strong. To help with this, we provide several online church services to help you a keep a meaningful connection to the church while we cannot gather together.

Sunday Services

Each Sunday, we record a worship service. This includes prayer, songs, bible reading, and sermon. It is published at 10 a.m. each week. You can listen to this, and also to past services, by going to our media page here. From there, click on the link to the Sunday service.

We publish each service’s PowerPoint slides as well, if you would like to follow along with the service while you listen. These feature the text of our songs and prayers. You can access this by clicking on this link. Then, open up the document for the day you want to follow. These are offered in both PowerPoint and PDF form.

Weekday Morning Prayer

Mondays – Thursdays we offer a video of a simple service of Morning Prayer. It is posted live at 8:30am, and will stay up on our Facebook page until noon each day. You can find it by going to our Facebook page here

Weekday Evening Prayer

Mondays – Fridays we offer an audio recording of evening prayer, led by Fr. Stephen Silverthorne or by Rev. Margo Whittaker. This is a simple service of song, bible reading and prayer. We make them available at 5pm each weekday. You can listen to them by clicking this link. There, just pick the evening prayer service of the day.

You can follow along with this service while you listen by visiting this link to the Church of England website. Choose the Evening Prayer (contemporary) for the day, and it will lead you to the text of the service we use.


Fr. Stephen runs a regular podcast on community, faith and neighbourhood life. The podcast is called the Suburban Vicar. You can listen in by visiting the Suburban Vicar media page at this link. Then, just choose which episode you want to hear.

Online Church Services