Contemplative night prayer


1st & 3rd Wednesday
of Every Month at 7:30pm
(Not Available in December)

Peace. Contemplation.
Yoga pants not required

Life is busy. Many things happen each day, but the busy pace of our lives leave us little time to process what they mean: How do I feel about the conversation I had this morning? Why did I get so angry at my child today? What do I think about the change they made to my job description? Compline night prayers help us slow down at the end of the day by providing a space to reflect on these things in quiet.

Compline follows a pattern of prayers, short readings from Scripture, simple chanting and silence. The atmosphere is peaceful and uncomplicated: suitable for newcomer and expert alike. All can participate as much as they wish, or simply enjoy listening in silence. Compline is about 30 minutes long, with opportunity to remain afterward for quiet, personal contemplation.