Socially Distanced. Spiritually Intimate

In-Person Sunday Services

Rooted in Faith
Growing in Character
Bearing Fruit in the World

Spring has sprung and we are slowly and carefully opening up.

We’re all trying to balance our need for human relationship with our need for safety and security during the pandemic. That can be especially difficult when we’re trying to maintain a strong relationship to God.

Good Shepherd Barrhaven has made our Sunday in-person worship services accessible to everyone while still implementing rigorous safety standards.

We’re holding live and online services every Sunday. This lets everyone participate even if they can’t join us physically. Find out more by visiting our online services page.

Second, please bring a mask with you when you come. You’ll be asked to wear it throughout the service. There’s lots of room in the sanctuary at Barrhaven United Church to keep our distance if you are not comfortable getting close to people!

We’ll conduct the service using our usual Anglican and Lutheran liturgy. We are still using recorded videos of our small song group we sing along to. The service goes as usual until we get to communion. Then, our priest will direct people to come forward to receive wafers and wine if they wish. You receive communion in full with just the bread.

We also will pray a prayer of Spiritual Communion provided by the Bishop of Ottawa that those viewing the service are invited to pray along with.

Once the service is over, you’ll be dismissed and asked to leave at a safe distance from other worshipers.

Children are welcome to attend church with their parents. Please get in touch if and when you are interested in resuming Sunday School!  Check out our children’s ministry page for more info.


In-person Worship Services