Serving in God's House

Worship Ministries

Helping us connect to God


Music has a unique ability to disarm us, and to open up a pathway to our hearts. In our Sunday worship, we strive to use music in a way that disarms us in God’s presence and which opens us up to connect with Him more deeply.

Music is led each Sunday by our praise team. They meet regularly for practice, and help us sing confidently each week. Our music directors choose music suited to the season, to the bible readings and to the needs of the day. The result is a mix of modern songs and traditional hymns which feed our spirit and give worthy praise to God. Our praise team is always looking for new people with talents to offer, so if you are musically gifted, please speak to us about how to join the team.

Word and Altar

Worship services are meant to answer the deepest longings of our souls, including our desire for prayer, guidance, and transcendence. To accomplish these things requires more than leadership by our priest however. They need the participation of everyday women and men who share a passion for serving God.

Each time we gather for Sunday worship, people give their time to lead us in prayer, to read out our daily bible passages, and help serve communion. These tasks can be a simple as reading aloud, or as creative as crafting a litany of prayers which speaks to the needs of the congregation and the world. These tasks provide good opportunities for each of us to give our talents to God in ways which don’t demand excessive time. Speak to our parish secretary if these ways of service interest you.


Hospitality is simply the art of making people feel at ease. As a Christian church, we recognize Jesus’ example of gracious hospitality to all. It’s a way of life we strive to follow as individuals, but also as a church community. Several of our church’s ministries help us fulfill this important calling.

Sunday greeters help those who attend our services feel at home, through helping the elderly to their seats, providing service bulletins to help visitors navigate the service, and answering questions which newcomers might have about our church and worship. Coffee hour attendants set out snacks and beverages in the time between our two Sunday services, to provide a warm environment for us to get to know each other better. Weekly cleaners volunteer their time after services each week, to tidy our church and help us feel at ease when we gather. Each of these is a simple way of serving, and an excellent way of getting involved in the life of the church. Join us!