Renewing God's World



One of Christianity’s most basic commandments is that we should love our neighbour. Our church is deeply committed to loving our neighbours–the people we live, work and play with. That means serving in ways which serve our neighbourhood well.

Church volunteers serve regularly at the Barrhaven Food Cupboard, an organization which feeds the poor of our area.

We run the Barrhaven Buddy Club, a regular playgroup for children with special needs.

We regularly visit Barrhaven care homes, providing services and friendship to the lonely and isolated.

We support the Multifaith Housing Initiative, which provides low-cost housing in Barrhaven and around the city to those in need.

We are part of the adopt-a-park program, committed to caring for Mulligan Park here in Barrhaven and to keep it clean.

National & Beyond

Service to our neighbours means more than service to those who live next door. At Good Shepherd, we look for opportunities to serve those who may not even be known to us.

We support Lutheran World Relief and the Primates World Relief and Development Fund. These organizations are run by our Church overseeing bodies, helping with disaster relief and international development throughout the world.

Tabitha Wells provides clean, safe water to communities in the third world. Our church raises funds for this important effort.

We support reconciliation with Indigenous peoples, through regular educational and worship opportunities in cooperation with Indigenous groups. This includes annual participation in the Indigenous Day of Prayer, involvement with national church initiatives and helping lead educational workshops and seminars.

Days for Girls meets monthly at our church. Here, volunteers from our church assist in making hygiene kits for girls in the third world. These kits give girls a path to better hygiene and long-term health.

We also contribute regularly to the Bales for the North program, helping isolated northern communities with much needed supplies.