Changing the World through Prayer

Prayer Event for Thy Kingdom Come

Thursday, May 21, 7pm, on YouTube. We’re putting on our annual Thy Kingdom Come prayer event online, to pray for the good of Barrhaven and the neighbourhoods within it. Fr. Stephen and our musicians will lead us in song and prayer for the good of our neighbourhood.

Thy Kingdom Come is an important global prayer event launched by the Church of England. We hold it from Ascension Day (May 21st) to Pentecost Sunday (May 31st) to encourage people to pray for the good of neighbours and friends.

We’ve structured the evening around the Lord’s Prayer. It will include times of prayer, singing, and scripture reading. We have designed it to help Christians of different backgrounds feel comfortable worshiping and praying together.

Follow along by downloading this order of service, and then tune into our YouTube Channel at 7pm on May 21st by clicking this link. Tell a friend!

Prayer Event Poster