Celebrating All God's Creatures

Pet Blessing Service

11am, Sunday, November 17 @ Good Shepherd Church, Barrhaven. The Pet Blessing Service blesses our furry companions and recognizes how important they are to our well-being.

Christians recognize that God loves us, and that our relationships to neighbours matter. Yet, we don’t always recognize how important our relationship to God’s other creatures is. They bring us joy and help us learn compassion to those weaker than us. Animal blessings therefore have a long history in the church. They go back at least to St. Francis of Assisi. Our pet blessing at Good Shepherd honours the part animals play in our lives and ask God’s help in making them helpful companions to those in need.

The blessing happens at regularly scheduled 11am service, following the eucharist. This eucharist will include themes celebrating creation and will conclude with a special blessing for our non-human companions.

All (house-trained) pets are welcome. Uncaged animals must be leashed. Bring a water bowl and snacks for your non-human companion, as they probably won’t enjoy the cookies on offer at coffee hour.

Pet Blessing