Camaraderie and Craft Brewing

Men’s Brew Day

Saturday, February 1st @ 10am. Takes place at St. James’ Anglican Church, Manotick. Good Shepherd Men’s Group is pairing with St. James’ Men’s Group for our 4th annual men’s brew day: a day of beer brewing, prayer and craftmanship.

We begin the Men’s Brew Day by introducing the art of brewing, and then continue with hands-on brewing of 4 different styles of beer. St. James prepares the lunch, then back to work for the afternoon. We organize the day around brewing, but we also leave time for prayer and conversation. Brewing finishes around 4pm with the Eucharist.

After the brewing is done, we leave the beer to ferment over the winter months, to be enjoyed at Easter. We gather again for bottling in early March.

Cost is still to be determined, but should be approximately $30 or $40. Contact Fr. Stephen at the church to register or fill out our contact form here. Registration is limited, so be sure to sign up soon. Takes place at St. James’ Anglican Church, Manotick.

This event is part of Good Shepherd’s men’s group ministry. All adult men are welcome to join us, so please feel free to bring a friend.

Men's Brew Day