Walking with Christ through Lent

Lenten Bible Study

Monday nights from 7:30-8:30pm. Starts March 11th. Lent is a time for self-reflection. But how do we start this journey of discovery? Lenten bible study is an important part of our small group ministry, because it helps direct our reflections in productive ways. This year, Good Shepherd offers a weekly Lenten bible study which will guide us through scripture passages on the life of Jesus. These reflections on the life of Christ help us as we reflect on our own lives.

We lead each study using a simple format which focuses on our own spiritual journey. The group leader reads a bible story out loud, and the group is given a question to consider about the passage. After a time of silence, those who want to answer aloud can. Someone reads the passage again, and they ask another question. Three questions are given in total, and each encourages participants to ask how Jesus’ experiences can inform their own spiritual experiences. Participants can answer aloud or simply listen. The evening ends with a brief service of prayer.

The church calls this way of studying “Gospel-based Discipleship“. Gospel-based discipleship encourages us to listen for ourselves to what God is telling us, rather than relying on a teacher or other authority figure. In this way, the study emphasizes that God actively teaches us, and speaks to our personal life situations.

We charge no admission, and no prior preparation is required. The study is open to anyone, even if Good Shepherd isn’t your church. If you have questions, please use this contact form to get in touch. We’d love to hear from you!

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