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Life in community shows us that love and commitment are possible. The conflicts and selfishness of the world don't get the last word.

Life Is Better Together

We usually think about church as a place to worship God. That’s very true, but it’s more than that. Church is a place where people form friendships, enjoy social times, and where they learn to grow in faith and virtue. Good Shepherd offers Barrhaven and Riverside South a church community which fosters these important things. Come and experience what our community is like. Drop by for a Sunday visit. Stay for a coffee. Check out the links below for more on our ministries and small groups. These help us find our place in the church community, providing places to forge friendships while serving the greater good. Find out why Good Shepherd is a church you can call home.


Putting faith into action

Anglican Church Cemetery

Honouring the dead
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Committed to the well-being of our community and the world we live in.

Worship Ministries

Helping Us Connect with God.