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Summer Outdoor Service
June 16 at 10am

Claudette Cain Park - Riverside South next to the Vimy Bridge

Why faith?

Why believe in God? People have always asked that, but finding an answer is more challenging than it used to be.
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Why church?

What does Church give you that a walk in the forest doesn’t?

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Why us?

What does Good Shepherd bring to the table?

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Sunday Church Services

A blend of modern and traditional offered at 10am each week

Contemplative Night Prayer

A peaceful service of prayer to help us end the day well.

Morning Prayer

A short, informal service of prayer to start the day.


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Outdoor Service

Sunday, June 16th @ 10am @ Claudette Cain Park. The outdoor service and picnic is a highlight of our church year. We celebrate the beginning of summer by moving our worship service to a local

Indigenous Sunday Service

Sunday, June 23 @10am @ Good Shepherd Church, Barrhaven. Canadians celebrate National Indigenous Peoples Day on June 21st of each year. We hold our annual Indigenous Sunday Service on the Sunday

Prayer and Pint Men's Group

Monday, June 24th, 7:15pm @ Good Shepherd, Barrhaven. Prayer and Pint is our church men's group and part of our small group ministry. We meet at Good Shepherd, Barrhaven on the last Monday of each


Finding fulfillment through helping others

Church Small Groups

Spiritual growth through hospitality, friendship and study


Committed to the well-being of our community and the world we live in.

Worship Ministries

Helping Us Connect with God.

Anglican Church Cemetery

Honouring the dead


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